Improvements to CEM Testing

Changes to CEM testing, 2016/2017 Breeding Season

Please be advised of the following improvements to CEM testing for the current breeding season, December 1st 2016 – November 30th 2017.

  • Testing for the CEMO (Taylorella equigenitalis) will now be performed by PCR. Testing for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae will, at present, continue to be performed by culture. Testing will be performed at NationWide Laboratories Poulton Le-Fylde.
  • This will result in a much expedited time to result for that testing and subsequent certification. Samples will be referred from NationWide Laboratories (CAPL) at Knutton and Leeds to the testing laboratory.
  • Submitting Veterinary Surgeons are referred to the current ‘HBLB Code of Practice’ for this testing.

With respect to certification of stallions, I would like to reiterate that, in accordance with HBLB Code of Practice, swabs should be taken from three sites; the urethra, urethral fossa and penile sheath, plus pre-ejaculatory fluid when possible. Separate swabs should be used for each site. Certification is not permissible if the requisite number of swabs are not submitted.

Additionally, please note that swabs taken for examination for the CEMO from horses in the United Kingdom for the purpose of official export health certification must be sent to the designated laboratory within the APHA. This is the APHA Regional Laboratory, Bury St Edmunds. In the case of horses that are to be exported from Northern Ireland, swabs should be sent to the Veterinary Science Division Laboratory, Belfast.

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