Clinical Pathology


Our routine haematology, which is often included within our profiles, but which can, of course, be requested separately, includes a full haemogram and, where appropriate, examination of a stained blood film. When it appears merited, the blood film may be referred for further review by one of our team of pathologists. A reticulocyte count is reported at no additional cost in any anaemic animal in order to determine whether or not there is evidence of regeneration. In addition, we also offer the following frequently requested haematology tests: Clotting times (both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways); Fibrinogen; D-dimers; Blood Group & Crossmatch; Coombs test, etc. Please call if you have any specific testing requirements that may not be listed in our price list.


Our small and large animal profiles, which include specific profiles for avians, reptiles and rabbits, and many of which also include haematology, offer a comprehensive and cost-effective means for diagnosis and monitoring treatment. We are also pleased to offer you the ability to design bespoke profiles that may be better suited to your individual practice’s needs. Please call if you would like to discuss this further. In addition, we also offer the following routine clinical chemistry investigations: Diabetic Monitoring (Glucose and Fructosamine); Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (Digoxin, Phenobarbitone, Potassium bromide, etc); Acute Phase Proteins (CRP, Fibrinogen & SAA); Cardiac Markers (Troponin I and NT-pro-BNP); Protein Electrophoresis (Serum & Urine); B12, Folate & TLI; Canine and Feline Pancreatic Lipase, etc.

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our automated clinical chemistry analysis, and now have an IL650 analyser in place. This permits greater throughput of sample analysis as well as a wider range of testing.


We offer a full in-house serology service. Additionally we are happy to refer allergy testing, as necessary. In some instances, we feel it better to refer the more specialised investigations, such as AChRAb, Anti-2M AB, Sarcoptes IgG, to a centre that is experienced in the performance and interpretation of these in order to provide optimal service to our clients.


With two state of the art analysers, we are able to offer a full endocrinology service, including assays for thyroid and adrenocortical function. Assays include total and free T4, TSH, Progesterone, Cortisol, etc. Protocols for many of the functional assays (ACTH Stimulation, Dexamethasone Suppression, etc), as well as data to aid in the interpretation of these, can be found both on the website and in our price list, or can be sent to you by electronic means.